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Have you ever thought about how important part a bathroom plays in your home? It's the first room you go to in the morning and the last room you visit each night before getting to bed. That's why you should take your time in designing your new bathroom and get professionals to help. Only then you'll have a result that is stylish, functional and safe.

Start with picture
The best way to start designing your bathroom is to draw the floor plan of the room on a squared paper. Mark the locations of doors, windows and plumbing on the plan. The existing plumbing usually determines the locations of the shower and the toilet, but you have more freedom in arranging other furniture.
If you're unsure about the mood you'd like to create in your bathroom, try cutting out pictures of designs that you like in magazines. Study the pictures to find out what it is about them that appeals to you. Is it the colour of the walls or the floor, the lighting, the furniture materials, or the bold shape of the bath of shower cubicle?